Nutcracker Inlay Pen Kit

Nutcracker Inlay Pen Kit

Item #: INL126-NUT-SIE
Price: $24.95

Select kit number and color:
#1 Red/Green
#2 Blue/Green
#3 Yellow/Lt.Green
#4 Orange/Yellow
#5 Green/Red
#6 Red/Orange
#7 Purple/Blue
#8 Red/Purple
Complete Set of 8
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    • The Nutcracker Inlay Pen Kit is designed to fit all of the Sierra style pens. As you can see in the image, we have a collection of 8 nutcracker inlays all with different color combinations.

      You can select your favorite colors from the radio button menu by selecting the number below the inlay of your choice.

      Buy the complete set of 8 and save 25%. That's a savings of $49.60. If you sell at craft shows or are planning on doing any Holiday shows this year, these make a great display.

    • This is an awesome kit. Sanford
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